How To Get The Best Rate As A Married Couple

If you and your partner will both be bringing your respective vehicles into your marriage, shopping around for car insurance may be something that the two of you have discussed. Different rates are offered, depending on the types and numbers of vehicles that will be insured, an individual's credit and driving history, and whether or not additional policies will be sought.

Rates Change

Insurance rates fluctuate, especially when someone's living situation changes. If you or your spouse haven't compared rates in several years, you both may already be paying too much for car insurance. One way to determine the best price is by comparing single and dual rates, offered through many companies.

Most states have laws that allow a client's credit rating to be pulled prior to being provided with a quote. If you live in a state where a credit score will play a factor in how much a policy will cost, checking individual and dual rates will demonstrate how much of a difference in price you will be charged if one of you has a poor credit history and the other one does not.

The types of vehicles that you own, the distance that you both anticipate driving on a routine basis, and the actual type of coverage are also important. For example, if you own an older-model sedan and it has a lot of safety features, your insurance rate may be much lower than your spouse's if they own a luxury model vehicle that is going to require full coverage insurance. The two of you will need to determine whether it is worth it to add both of the vehicles to the same policy or to acquire a basic liability policy for your vehicle and a full coverage policy for their vehicle.

Discounts May Be Available

Getting married doesn't constitute a formal discount, but most insurance agencies do offer savings if a client is going to combine their policy with their spouse's. In addition to this type of discount, having a good driving record, making payments in advance or on time, and seeking some type of formal driving course can also reduce your car insurance payments.

If you and your partner are going to acquire another type of insurance through the same company, you may qualify for additional savings. As an incentive to loyal customers, many insurance company owners offer reduced payments for people who acquire multiple policies. Reach out to a car insurance agency to learn more.